Sound I Make

by Kirsten Opstad

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Written, recorded and mixed at home during the fall of 2016.


released December 30, 2016

photo by David Opstad.


all rights reserved



Kirsten Opstad Los Angeles, California

Kirsten Opstad is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter.

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Track Name: The Sound I Make Loving You
Straightforward chords
Tunes that feel old
Unfinished rhymes
Lines that feel holy

The last of my voice
The crack of the fire
An unlikely choice
And honest desire

A chorus of muted hues,
The sound I make loving you

Tail-eating snake
Dog chasing tail
Calm as a lake
Big as a whale

Single-spaced type
Open-faced rye
Taller than hype
Slanted like lies

A tangle of living roots,
The shape that I make loving you

But not a wave or a quake
Could swallow or shake
The sense that it makes, loving you
Track Name: Underwater
We came all this way
So we could act different
You jump in the pool
To show me you’re livid
Rudeness muted is forgiven

We spent the whole day
Choosing our outfits
So we could be sure
Of the one that we’re out with
Keep my keys inside your pocket

We sleep like the dead
We dream of vacation
This must be our life
This one conversation
Quiet, private silent treatment

We’re not what we do
We’re what we say after
And which is more true
The sadness or laughter?
Can you hear me underwater?
Track Name: Take Cover
I know I’m supposed to be sad
But it hasn’t hit me yet
So please put a drink in my hand
Let me dance till I forget

We both know that
This straw was the last
Dip me now like
We don’t have a past

I know I’m supposed to be mad
But I never cared for rage
Just leave the ring in my hand
We won’t say the word mistake

Love is falling
Backwards on your ass
Lucky us, both
Good and bad things pass
When you are blue, take comfort
When you feel new, take cover

I know I’m supposed to be glad
But I’ve got a few complaints
I’ve got the world in my hand
But I want you all the same

When you are blue, take comfort
When you feel new, take cover

Love is falling
Backwards on your ass
Lucky us, both
Good and bad things pass
Track Name: Oh What You Owe
Slow hoe what you hoe,
Oh, what you owe,
Home without awning or owner

Slow so you don’t go,
No you don’t know,
Hold like pack on your shoulder

Who’s barking who is a mystery
Who is the mistress of misery?

Oh, show them the show
Load what you wrote,
Told them off over your shoulder

Oh, so it won’t grow
Owings no flow
Towings a ball and boulder

Tuesday’s a blister in history
Soon you can copy the master key

Oh, owe what you oh
No you don’t know
Sold like a solid gold soldier

Go, on with the show
Show her your tow
So she’ll enjoy what you told her

Soon you can see what you want to be
Tuesday is looking like you and me
Track Name: Goodnight Mitten
When lights are out
And all’s asleep
When no one else is listening
That’s when we begin to dream

About the stars
Beyond the moon
Of secret lives of forks and spoons
And people we can visit soon

Wild and full of light
Smiling from inside
We say goodnight,
But not goodbye

Little trucks
Need help to tow
Dogs will stop to say hello
Mittens lost get found in snow

Foolish fast
Sacred slow
Talk to things and they will grow
Soon they’ll be too big to show

Tall, smart and kind
From a different time
We say goodnight,
But not goodbye

Some nights the wind shakes the window
And shadows will waltz on the floor
When you cling to your pillow
Think of what follows a storm

Suns always rise
Light fills the sky
Let’s say goodnight,
But not goodbye

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